Zub at New York Comic Con!

Here we go again! The last big show of the year is in New York at the Jacob Javits Center and it should be as crazy as ever.

Edwin and I will be set up in the separated Artist Alley show floor area at TABLE H6.

I’ll have Skullkickers books aplenty, but also sketch covers, variants, Pathfinder Vol. 1, Makeshift Miracle Vol. 1, and more!



Here’s my signing/panel schedule for when I’m not at my table-

5pm: You’ve Broken Into Comics, Now What? panel. ROOM 1A14

3pm: Signing at Valiant Entertainment. BOOTH 2028
6pm: Signing at Image Comics. BOOTH 1444

11:30am: Appearing at the Bandai-Namco ShiftyLook stage. BOOTH 1620
2pm: Signing at Valiant Entertainment. BOOTH 2028
4pm: Valiant Comics panel. ROOM 1A01

1pm: Signing at Valiant Entertainment. BOOTH 2028

  1. Michael O'Brien

    Hi Jim. I recently stumbled across your site and I love how informative it is. I’m definitely interested in checking out your work. I’m a writer for screeninvasion.com and I’ll be covering NYCC this weekend. I’ll make sure to come by your table.

    I’ve been toying with a few ideas for television and film, but I’ve got a great idea that would work in the comics format. I’d love to pick your brain even if for a second. let me know!

    follow me on twitter @MichaelO_Brien

    Look forward to meeting you, Jim.

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