Why I am a Geek

5 reasons why I am a geek. Given to me as a challenge by the_caveat.

1) Marvel Comics Trivia – especially 80’s continuity crap. My mother used to get irritated that I wasn’t reading anything but comics. To combat her irritation I started lugging around the Handbook of the Marvel Universe and reading obsessively from it (Look Mom, it’s almost all text! Not a comic at all). How obsessive? My brother Joe and I used to test each other with ridiculous trivia like “What was the first appearance of the Killer Shrike?” and stuff like that. Most of it is still stuck in my brain.

2) I have half a shelf of anime soundtracks I can’t understand and 3 shelves of tankobon I can’t read. In a related anime vein – my first webpage was a Geocities site dedicated to Masakazu Katsura. It still exists and gets traffic even though I don’t update it.

3) My multitudes of comics, DVDs and books are all organized alphabetically or by subject and then alphabetically. The moving company that took my stuff from Calgary to Halifax was disturbed that half of the weight of the load hauled was in books and movies.

4) I have binders full of production model sheets from animated movies… hundreds of them all organized by year of release or alphabetical order. They started off at Sheridan as a reference resource and are now just a collection of their own. At Sheridan some of the animation instructors used to ask me for reference material instead of the other way around.

5) I make my living in comics, card games, RPGs and other illustration. Geeks pay my bills and I love it!

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