Origins 2005

Back from Origins. We debated staying until Monday morning to get some extra rest, but decided to make the trek on Sunday evening instead and get back home for sleep.

The show went pretty well overall. The comic sold more than White Wolf had anticipated we would, which was really nice. Quite a few people hadn’t heard there was an Exalted comic coming out which means we’re informing more people about it – obviously quite a good thing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect sales wise. Origins is a gaming-heavy show and all indications looked like attendance was up. The crowd there is definitely board game/minis skewed and involves a lot more playing than buying. Even still, we moved a bunch of the books and sold quite a few to some retailers who will be carrying it back at their home stores. I have no idea what that will mean for sales when compared to Gen Con or Dragon Con later on this summer.

Other highlights:
– Drunken karaoke on Wednesday night to celebrate Brian’s birthday.
– Learning to play Gloom with Ray and Gal. Ray later taught us some kick ass Black Jack strategies to boot.
– Seeing many friends including dextra, ssines, d20hound and crothian.
– Dancing like crazy on Friday night even though my legs felt like jelly.
– Playing Capture the Flag on the show floor with the FanPro gang on Saturday afternoon. Those guys kick ass and made the day entertaining.
– Chatting about the elements that make up the new World of Darkness with Gal and Ray on the drive home.

That’s the quickie version. We’re leaving for Comic-Con in a week and then things will go totally berserk. I’ll post some Origins photos up by tomorrow. Today I rest and tomorrow I dive into the dozens of things that need to get done before we leave.

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