Van Dyck

Okay, just over two weeks in to the new year. My shaving laziness and general busy-ness has formed the ol’ Van Dyck that I used to have while I was in college. So, the burning soul-shearing question for you all today is:

Should I shave it off or let it flourish?

Will this facial hair survive? It’s up to YOU.

(Click here to see a summer photo without the facial hair for comparison… or scroll back through my LJ archives.)

This is probably the most typical livejournal-type thing I’ve ever posted… I don’t do any of those ‘You are a (insert whatever)’ or polls or stuff like that, so indulge me this one ridiculous post.

I’m not sure what I think of it and I need your positive or negative reinforcement for the time being until I make up my own mind.

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