Groggy but good overall. Woke up at noon, went back to bed and woke up again at around 1:30pm. Last night was a Birthday Blitz for both Scott Robbins and Eric Kim as we partied, karaoked and generally made asses of ourselves. Even though we were missing a few of our “classic” Karaoke Crew, it was still good times.

January through to the end of March is normally a dead zone for work at Udon. That’s the end of the fiscal year and most companies have blown their yearly budget by Christmas time, so the start of a new year is when they plan and we wait for new things to happen. That is definitely NOT the case this year. As soon as we started up after the new year we were slammed with projects in a way I’ve never seen here before. Larger, more extensive projects with bigger companies. It’s a lot of pressure but very cool as well.

Unrelated thought:

I remember reading an article talking about how much what we see factors into how we treat people. For example – studies have shown that people ascribe traits completely unrelated to appearance to taller and more attractive people. Until we’re given evidence to prove otherwise we assume a tall/attractive person is smarter, more discerning and more capable than someone shorter/less attractive. We may know on a conscious level that beauty doesn’t necessarily equate to brains but tend to react that way subconsciously until we’re given a reason not to with each individual.

When it comes to artists I’ve noticed a similar trend in myself and other people. In this day and age we don’t usually interact with artists face-to-face, so the only “appearance” we have to judge is their artwork. Subconsciously I’ve assumed (until being shown otherwise) that an amazing artist is a higher caliber of person – that they’re responsible, smart, friendly… traits that have NOTHING at all to do with their art (and vice versa for a poor quality artist). The quality of their artwork gives them an advantage in non-art related areas of business and interaction. Even after I’ve been shown proof of their social, scheduling or budgeting INCOMPETENCE I subconsciously struggle with it, assuming that they’ve made a rare mistake instead of realizing that maybe they’re actually terrible in that area.

In other words, good art doesn’t instantly mean they’re a good person. Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that stuff.

I’ve thought about this before but a few jarring examples of it lately re-brought the idea to the surface so I thought I’d jot it down here to solidify it for myself.

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