Uncanny Avengers #28 Reviews

Bleeding Cool: 8.5/10 “This is my favorite Avenger book right now, and it gets a strong recommendation. Give this one a try.”

Comic Book University: Grade A. “One of the best comic books that I’ve read in a while…I really felt like this was written by someone who not only knows, but cares about these characters and I really haven’t seen that in a while.”

Comic Crusaders: 8/10 “You get a good mix of character development and their histories, but doled out in manageable amounts and a little action to boot.”

IGN: 8.5/10 “This is a terrific-looking comic book that captures a lot of the old Avengers spirit.”

Monkeys Fighting Robots: 8/10 “For being one of the quieter starts of the new era, there wasn’t a single moment of boredom.”

Uncanny Sessions: 9.3/10 “It continues to be awesome. We covered a lot of ground in this issue…Everyone needs to go read this”

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