Uncanny Avengers #27 Reviews

Two weeks after our previous issue, Uncanny Avengers #27 arrived in stores last week. It looks like reviewers are enjoying our classic superhero-style series so far:

Bleeding Cool: 9/10 “It’s a classic Avengers book with the sensibilities that made old Avengers stories so memorable. “

Comic Book University: 8/10 “This is such an amazing book.”

Graphic Policy: “a fun, action packed issue that brings me back to the days of the Avengers just doing what they do best.”

IGN: 8.3/10 “Now, this is more like it. Jim Zub’s latest issue of Uncanny Avengers finally seems to capture the team’s dynamic”

The Uncanny Sessions: 9/10 “The art and writing is fantastic and sets up a lot of great stuff for the future.”

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