Uncanny Avengers #25 Reviews

IGN: 8/10 “Almost everyone gets their moment to shine in the script, even Rogue’s unlikely criminal companions.”

Columbus Comics Corner: 9.5/10 “The book is a non-stop sequence of high pace action and great comedic relief from Rogue’s side plot with the villains. It’s hard not to spoil the amount of goodness placed in just this one issue.”

Comic Book University: B+ “This was really fun!”

Comic Buzz: 8/10 “It’s a lot to take in for a writer new to a title, but [Zub] holds his own wonderfully.”

Bleeding Cool: 7/10 “The team of Kim Jacinto, Jahnoy Lindsay, and Juanan Ramirez have made an absolutely gorgeous book here.”

  1. Great work with your first issue. Hope Quicksilver returns soon to the team!

    Good luck

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