Thunderbolts #5 Reviews

Our final issue arrived over the holidays. What did reviewers think?

Graphic Policy: 8/10 “…a fine ending to the series. But, it leaves us wanting more. Gutsen Glory and Eegro deserve arcs of their own exploring their history and backgrounds. Hopefully we get more with Zub at the hub. The series has balanced mystery, action, humor, and a great team dynamic and deserves more to expand all of that and entertain readers more.”

League of Comic Geeks: 10/10 “Honestly a great conclusion. I’m hoping for another mini or at least a Hawkeye mini to follow this.”

Primary Ignition: “The way Zub balances the comedic and the dramatic is the key to the formula that makes his incarnation of Thunderbolts work. Here’s hoping we do, indeed, see more.”

Super Powered Fancast: 8.6/10 “I like the conflict and how it is personal for the characters, especially Clint. The action is great and I love that the story still keeps its comedic edge throughout.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: “The pacing is smooth and brisk, the dialog is excellent, and the feel-good ending leaves the Thunderbolts on a hopeful note for the future.”

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