Thunderbolts #1 Reviews

THUNDERBOLTS #1 arrived in comic stores this week. What did reviewers think of it?

AIPT: 9/10 “an explosive super-fun start to a series with historically good runs. Not only is it well-paced and exciting from cover to cover, but it offers a solid reason to exist in an era of superhero books that can be rote and uninteresting.”

But Why Tho: 8/10 “Humorous dialogue and delightful art is blended with a story with heaps of potential in an opening issue that doesn’t like slowing down. It’s a team that feels different from others and that is ultimately a good thing.”

Comic Book Club: “I thought this was great. I liked the Hawkeye humor mixed with action.”

Comic Book Resources: “a solid introduction to the latest iteration of the classic Marvel team. It’s a different take from what fans of the series might expect, but it’s a premise that holds intrigue and promise.”

Comic Book Yeti: “There are multiple layers of story going on at once. On the surface, you have the new members of the Thunderbolts going up against the Villains for Hire. Underneath that Luke Cage is trying to rebrand the image of the Thunderbolts while his mistrust of Clint as the leader grows.”

Comic Crusaders: 8/10 “Not being a huge Hawkeye fan, I was kind of on the fence when this book came down the pipe. With that said, what I found was an enjoyable little romp that succeeds in its aim to bring the Thunderbolts back in a way that fits the current Marvel city scape.”

Comic Watch: 8.2/10 “this comic is an extremely pleasant surprise. New comics that use crossovers or event comics as their springboard don’t always fare well in the long run due to their roots in other stories. This latest iteration of Thunderbolts, though, potentially has what it takes to go the distance.”

Geek’d Out: 8.2/10 “as Thunderbolts # 1 proves, this has always been a different sort of team.”

Graphic Policy: 8.2/10 “The comic is fresh while also the best of what has come before. It sets up an interesting team dynamic, and team in general, and delivers enough mysteries to come to keep readers on their toes. It’s a solid buy for long time fans of the characters and property and those new to the Thunderbolts.”

Infinity Flux: “My favorite read of the week…New Thunderbolts team versus the old Thunderbolts team is a great way to start the series.”

Laughing Place: “If there is one word to describe this first issue, it is simply ‘fun.’…An exciting story has been set up here and it’s one Marvel fans will certainly be looking forward to.”

Longbox Heroes: “I like an interesting weird team and this is an interesting weird team…I enjoyed the first issue.”

Lord Retail: “I wasn’t sure at first, but Thunderbolts #1 was great. It did all the right things. Mayor Cage needs an official NYC team & Clint Barton is in! Footnotes, rematches, mystery characters. This is the best thing Jim Zub has written! Buy with confidence!”

LRM Online: “This really hit on all cylinders for me. I thought it worked really, really well.”

MT Vernon Kid: “The first issue is fun. It’s really good…Jim zub writes a real good Clint Barton.”

Multiversity: 9.5/10 “Gets you excited to see what’s next. Zub and the team give you a fun, action-packed story with its tongue in cheek. It’s a fantastic premier issue, leaving you wanting more…Thunderbolts #1 is superhero storytelling at its finest, exciting, bombastic, and funny all at once.”

Next issue: “The art is very fitting. I love the designs and redesigns of the characters…I had a lot of fun with it.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “A really good first issue of a classic-feeling and vibing Marvel Comic. I loved it.”

Primary Ignition: “The issue does a decent job introducing everybody, and enough of the focus is on Clint to hold my attention as we get through those introductions. Thunderbolts looks like it’s going to be light-hearted and fun.”

Super Powered Fancast: 9/10 “a fun, thrilling and often funny first issue. Clint is utilized brilliantly in the story by putting him in the position of the elder statesman who is still rough around the edges…The action is visually thrilling and I love the character designs and background details.”

Two-Headed Nerd: “Zub’s script captures the voices of characters like Hawkeye and Luke Cage really well…A solid superhero story that’s a lot of fun.”

We Have Issues: “It launches with drama. There should always be drama with the Thunderbolts…I really, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 8/10 “Thunderbolts #1 is a surprisingly solid setup issue that brings a new team together under the authority of Mayor Luke Cage. The introductions are well-paced and shown rather than simply told.”

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