Summer is coming

Busy. Not as busy as I should be, I think. Procrastinated a bit over the last bit and am feeling the crunchy now. My ability to get work done stalled badly after last week’s news about Jordie gave me another reason to put off tasks… mourning has a way of doing that. Trying not to dwell on it… hoping that it won’t keep aching at weird hours, but I know that it will for a while yet.

Finally did some more digital painting today for the Exalted card game. It’s been a while because of all the other drawing, administration and teaching stuff going on. Balancing the tasks ahead and still having some leisure time seems impossible, but I find myself wasting time on menial tasks instead of attacking full bore. Everyone else is so organized on their artwork thanks to me, and I fall behind or trip my way through it. Great example I set, I tell you.

After running around like crazy, looks like summer plans are solidifying for Gala. Almost 100% sure she’ll be at White Wolf as an intern this summer. It’s going to be a strange, strange season indeed. I’m really happy for her… it’s a great way for her to get experience in something she loves.

If all goes well, I’ll be at:

Toronto Comic-Con June 18th-20th in Toronto

Origins June 24th-27th in Columbus, Ohio

San Diego Comic-Con July 22nd-25th in San Diego, California

Wizard World Chicago August 13th-15th in Chicago, Illinois

Gen Con Indy August 19th-22nd in Indianapolis, Indiana

Canadian National Comic Expo August 27th-29th in Toronto

Dragon Con September 3rd-6th in Atlanta, Georgia

That should leave me exhausted and my liver useless come the Fall. Just rereading that schedule makes me realize that I probably won’t make it through that… what the Hell am I thinking?! I have to do artwork, project manage and teach in the midst of that madness.

Gala and I did some much needed clothes shopping on Sunday. Bought new pants, new shirts and a better phone. It was a bit of an escape and a confidence booster, just spending time together wandering and being playful.

More later,

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