Still Moving…

Exhaustion, sore muscles and a few tears. The move is almost done. There’s only the computers along with some odds and ends left to take over to the new place. Until we have internet and phone up (there’s been some sort of screw up with that, should’ve been running by now), I’ll have my computer at the old place so I can still do some work during the transition.

If you phone or e-mail and can’t get a hold of me, be patient. Once the transition is done, it’ll be much, much better.

I heard from Howard, the guy I was going to be rooming with for the San Diego Comic-Con that the hotel we booked last year is already full up. Ugh and double ugh… gotta figure out alternate plans. Gotta contact people about that in a day or two.

Justin’s latest livejournal post is all true

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