Moving Anxiety

Up early. 5am kind of early…

My stomach is a bit in knots. So much to do and I just want to sleep.

We picked up the keys to our new apartment yesterday. Looking through the empty rooms and imagining where all the furniture will go while our voices echoed off the walls…it felt good. I want all of our stuff to be there now, but I know that it’ll be a weekend of shifting and exhaustion before it’s at that point. But it’s getting closer and I’m nervously excited about it all. Phone service starts there on Saturday. Internet kicks in on Tuesday.

More projects came in for Udon. My God, I don’t know how we’re going to get them all done. My boss had to scoop some of the artists I’d earmarked for other projects so that some new comic work could get done. I think I can give every one who’s left a little bit more and make it happen. I’ve just gotta make sure that the styles of 5-6 different artists isn’t too jarring to any of the projects. I know it’ll work out, but being in the midst always looks like it’s overwhelming.

As far as the Exalted card game goes…we’ve got over 50 of them colored and approved so far out of 300. Not as many as I’d like, but reasonable given everything else happening. Once the move is done I’m going to power through some of the coloring I haven’t had time for and drill out some pictures for Aspect Earth and the Warcraft: Lands of Conflict RPG books.

Got a great haircut late last week from a strange lady. She never asked me to change my head position while she cut, she just grabbed my face and pushed it around, or crooked my head at a weird angle and held it there with her left hand like some kind of pinching crab claw while she cut with her right one. I was really irritated in the midst of getting twisted and pushed around, but I had to admit that the final product was really good. Gala told me I had to go back to this woman next time I needed a cut, even if she was a crazy crab-handed bitch.

Heard news that Helix, the studio I worked at in Halifax, just laid a ton of people off leaving a virtual skeleton crew. Guys who had been there for years are out of a job, including my buddy Cornflake. It really reinforced, again, the smart risk Gala and I took by coming back to Toronto. If I would have been trapped out there without a job, I don’t know what I would have done or how that would’ve crushed my self esteem or my relationship. Things were already rocky in Halifax with Gala and I when we left (notice the lack of Newsletter updates during those months)…that would’ve probably shattered it. Obviously, things are amazing now in comparison.

The weather’s slowly warming up here and the sun’s staying up longer in the evening…good things are happening. My brain’s awake even though my body wants to rest.

Looks like the body loses out today. Too much to think about.

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