Skullkickers #17 Reviews!

Skullkickers #17 is in stores now! I’m incredibly proud of this third story arc and our fans seem to agree that we’ve delivered the goods once again.

Here are links to some of the reviews rolling in:

Comic Buzz: “9/10. The Skullkickers are at their best when things are at their most insane and this arc is a boat full of crazy.”

Fanboy Comics: “Skullkickers is perfect for fans of fantasy adventure or just anyone looking for a fun, violent read that will leave them in stitches.”

First Comics News: “…very good for a final chapter of an arc while also leaving an exciting cliffhanger.”

Geeks of Doom: “…there are few comics on shelves right now that match Skullkickers in terms of pure unfiltered insanity. This is why comics are made and why we love reading them so much.”

One Geek Nation: “5/5. The story itself flows so damn smoothly, you’d think you’re going down a waterslide. Jim Zub is quickly becoming the next best thing in comics.”

Product of my Dreams: “10/10. This is my second time reading Skullkickers and my excitement for this series hasn’t left yet.”

Unleash the Fanboy: “4½/5. Whether it’s the death of a character or the development of the current ones, the actual narrative itself is sustainable without all the jokes and humor; but it’s the funny take that makes it so refreshing.”

  1. Hi Jim. When is your Klonoa webcomic due to start?

    • Bandai-Namco hasn’t set a formal launch yet. They’re building up artwork from Ariga-san to make sure there’s a good buffer of material ready before they finalize the start date. Once I know for sure I’ll post about it here on my blog.

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