More Skullkickers #17 Reviews

Major Spoilers: “5/5. Skullkickers was a great book when the violence and crazy antics drove the book, but now that we are getting that on top of a deep back-story with a complex storyline, Skullkickers has entered the realm of ‘must-buy'”

Forces of Geek: “This is the most fun I have had reading a comic book all year.”

Image Addiction: “…one of the most consistently entertaining comic books in the free market”

Fellowship of the Geeks: “I will happily admit to some bias toward high fantasy, but even so, this book is a delightful read.”

Silver Snail: “4/5. I have to applaud the courage it must have took to end the current arc the way it did”

Futile Position: “Skullkickers remains one of the most beautiful comic books week-in and week-out”

Nerdlocker: “4/5. Really innovative in its sense of using high fantasy and high comedy at the same time.”

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