Savage Sword of Conan #9 Reviews

Comic 8/10 “When you think of Conan, you think of him swinging his sword mightily at anything in his path, with almost the entire first half of the issue devoted to the entertaining bout. The final issue in this arc wraps up an engaging adventure featuring the Barbarian”

ComicPOP: “A fun over-the-top story about a situation where a sword may not always be the answer.”

Pop Mythology: “Swords and sorcery are really Jim Zub’s thing in this tale of Conan overcoming a gambling den with that which always sees him through: his powerful sword arm and an indomitable spirit.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 8.7/10 “Readers will quickly enjoy an entertaining anecdote that steals their attention from page one and locks them in until the very end. The issue is well-paced, easy to follow, and emphasizes the true characteristics of the great, Crom-fearing, Cimmerian.”

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