Savage Sword of Conan #8 Reviews

Comic Book University: “I like this new Conan the Gambler story. It’s a new way of looking at Conan…Really good issue.”

Kabooooom!: 10/10 “The artwork by Patch Zircher and the colors by Java Tartaglia does a fantastic job of establishing the setting and mood of the story, subtly building the tension in the environment as the games go on.”

Outright Geekery: “After Jim Zub brought his A game last issue I have been eagerly awaiting the second part of this story. “

Paint Monk’s Library: 8.5/10 “This is the Conan long-time readers have known since the days of Roy Thomas – and it’s the Conan that will get new readers invested in the stories.”

Pop Mythology: “This story shows Conan is more than just brawn and blade and it also show’s Conan’s own awareness of his own gifts. It’s great character work and makes for a good story.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 8/10 “A well-crafted middle issue that provides the right amounts of intrigue, drama, suspense, and action, this is an enjoyable Conan book. Zub’s narration is good and his plotting excellent; Zircher’s art is always clear and conveys suspense and violence with equal confidence and no little skill.”

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