Savage Sword of Conan #7 Reviews

Comic Book University: “Let’s stick around with Zircher on this book because I’m enjoying the hell out of this.”

Comic Crusaders: 9/10 “Jim Zub brings us an excellent story which combined with the talent of Patch Zircher make this title revive its great splendor.”

Comic Watch: 8.8/10 “this issue by Jim Zub is undoubtedly one of the if not THE best Conan issue we’ve gotten since the Marvel relaunch and features all of the things that make Conan great.”

Comicon: “Zircher’s line work is great. He uses a more sketchy style, which evokes Barry Windsor-Smith, while maintaining his own look. His action is clear, and his character acting adds a lot of personality to the story, both in establishing Conan, and in building up the supporting characters to come.”

Kabooooom!: 10/10 “A great story, amazing art and a free game along with a short story. By Crom, this is the perfect Conan comic!”

Paint Monk’s Library: 8.5/10 “If you haven’t picked up any issues of Conan since Marvel reacquired the property in January, I’d heartily recommend starting with this issue.”

Pop Mythology: “Pick of the Week – Marvel has two perfectly suited creators for this story and in my book it’s a winner…This is the type of story that gives me faith in the resilience of the comic medium.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 8.8/10 “If you’re not reading any Conan books, you need to start and this issue is a great place to start and dip your toe into the cold Cimmerian waters.”

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