Savage Sword of Conan #1 Reviews

Comics Beat: “…an excellent start to this new series and follows the proud tradition of Savage Sword’s of the past. I highly recommend checking this out, especially if you are a fan of the current Conan the Barbarian series.”

Comic “It’s just a very cool complete oversized package of a thing that feels really substantial compared to a lot of the monthly releases.”

Comic Book Dispatch: 9.8/10 “Patch Zircher’s art in Master Of The Hunt Part One has an elegant and historic appeal. While Solomon Kane wears the hat and cloak of a Puritan, the penciling evokes Prince Valiant.”

Comic Lounge: “This is a fantastic comic. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Comical Opinions: 8/10 “…a treasure trove of Conan content, from the main story to the bonus prose and pinups…Even if you’re not deeply familiar with the world of Robert E. Howard, the quality storytelling and diverse content in this issue make it worth checking out.”

Craig Zablo: 10/10 “Most folks know Zircher as an accomplished artist, but since he’s added writer to his resume the title needs to become accomplished writer/artist.”

Graphic Policy: 8.6/10 “It not only stands out from the Conan the Barbarian series but is an easy way to dive into these worlds. It opens up the opportunity for Titan to not only give other creators a shot at writing Conan, Kane, and more, but also try out other characters from Howard’s worlds and see what might work in their own comics.”

Grimdark Magazine: “If the level of quality and variety on display in issue #1 of The Savage Sword of Conan is maintained, the magazine has the potential to surpass even the flagship Conan the Barbarian comic.”

Hyborian Reviews: “If you’re a fan of Conan and Solomon Kane then you simply can’t miss out! This is overall a fantastic return for Savage Sword of Conan and I so dearly hope they can keep this up.”

Infinity Flux: “If you’re a Conan fan you’re definitely going to want this and if you’ve never dipped your foot in, this is a good entry…Really cool.”

League of Comic Geeks: 10/10 “There literally isn’t a better cost-to-content release this year so far, and it will be hard pressed to compete with this.”

Mass Movement: “I was more than a little nervous and keen to dive headlong into the pages of the revival of the magazine that I consider one of Marvel’s finest moments. I was not disappointed…The days of high adventure are here again, make sure you embrace them.”

Major Spoilers: 9/10 “I thought that this was really, really good…I think you’re really gonna want to drop your $7 and get your fix.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “It is awesome. As far as values goes, it absolutely rocks and it’s on that newsprint so it gets the smell of the week.”

Pop Culture Maven: “If you’re a fan of Conan it’s well worth checking out…I like it and I like the nostalgia of it too.”

Pullbox: 10/10 “While the new title has all of what I thought was great about the old, I’ll add that this is going to be an outstanding jumping-on-point for new readers. No matter where you stand, don’t let anything stop you from picking up a copy”

Set The Tape: 10/10 “A fantastic title with a thrilling debut, it’s great to see there’s so much life in the old barbarian yet.”

Stygian Dogs: “In its physical form it’s wonderful. It feels right, all of it. The newsprint, the monochrome…You’re purchasing an experience here.

Superhero Hype: 10/10 “This is sure to be the start of something special, and you will curse the gods should you miss out on this one.”

Two-Headed Nerd: “This is just gorgeous from page 1 to the end…This is a beautiful book…Buy it!”

UBJ: 10/10 “For enthusiasts of fantasy, mature-themed comics, and high-octane narratives, snagging a copy of Savage Sword of Conan #1 is a must. Miss it, and you may find yourself in lamentation.”

Wakazashi’s Teahouse: 9.5/10 “I can honestly say it’s off to a blinding start. This issue is an absolute corker!”

Zero Sum 716: “Regardless of what you’re here for, you’re getting a lot for your money…I think they are off to a very good start here and I am honestly quite impressed with what they’ve done so far.”

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