Rockin’ Reviews for Skullkickers #16

Our latest Skullkickers issue arrived in comic shops last week and I’m happy to say that it’s been met with some of the strongest reviews for the series so far!

Newsarama: “This issue really lets loose and is a zany battle royale from start to finish. 9/10”

eXpert Comics: “…by far one of the most entertaining entries in the series (and with so many damn entertaining issues, that’s saying something). 9/10.”

Major Spoilers: “rude, violent, foul-mouthed, artistic, and all-around well-done. 4/5.”

One Geek Nation: “The sequential storytelling is very innovative and the comedic pacing is spot on.”

Unleash the Fanboy: “Skullkickers #16 is both an excellent example of storytelling and a prime source of humor in comic book form. 4.5/5”

Comic Buzz: “Skullkickers is one of the most fun, irreverent and devil may care comics out there. 9/10”

Image Addiction: “…writer Jim Zub bends a particular genre to his will, incorporating the hilariously beloved Skullkickers flavor into a fast-paced, creature-feature, sea-faring, hyphen-inducing horror comic.”

Silver Snail: “Four high-seas adventures out of five for producing consistent and quality entertainment for those of us who enjoy their share of fantasy and a comedy.”

Things I Like: “I’m perfectly happy to wallow in the madcap action and amusing sound effects.”

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