Pre-X-Mas Ramble

Time flies and the year’s almost come to a close. Merry Christmas to you all.

At New Year’s Eve last year I hoped it would be a better one than the year before. It wasn’t in many ways, but I hope it’s been at least one I can learn from. Here’s to 2006 *raises a glass*.

Exalted #2 hit stands yesterday, finally. I’ve been frustrated beyond belief by the scheduling problems at our printer. It looks bad on us and I have no control over it. It impacts our reputation. It screws with my ability to plan and budget. Uncool all around.

Anyways, here’s a couple preview pages nonetheless. I’m proud of the work that’s being done, even if the schedule is hurting:

That mixed with other work stresses and personal problems have made me retreat into good ol’ hermit mode again, now finally poking my head out for family holiday schnenagins.

Thanks for your unbelievably deep pools of patience and good thoughts.

More art will be posted before the New Year, along with a general rundown of what’s new in my world.

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