Makeshift Miracle receives a critical analysis this month from the Webcomics Examiner.

Weird and neat. It’s especially interesting when they praise or critique elements that I don’t recall doing on purpose. Heh.

Brandy Danner writes as part of it:
“It’s been nearly three years since Zubkavich’s been seen in webcomics. That’s disappointing to fans who wonder what else the Best Newcomer of 2002 is capable of.”

Which I have to agree with – it is a disappointment to me too. I’ve been planning another web comic for the past 2 and a half years, but it just hasn’t come together schedule wise or creatively. I really want another story to show what I’m currently capable of artistically. The good news is that I actually seem to be fencing off some time in order to do that. Cross your fingers that it happens this time.

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