Post Toothy

Home now. Got in the door about 15 minutes ago.

The procedure went smooth and the surgeon was really great. My pre-surgery check-in was around noon, surgery at 2pm and I was back at my Aunt’s place by 4:30ish.

I’ve been following the directions, icing and taking all the pills I’ve been prescribed and so far recovery has been much, much better than anticipated. No typical “day after” throat or nose irritation from the anasthetic, no visible bruising, almost no swelling. I slept without more pain killers needed through the night and dabbing my gums this morning showed that I have little bleeding going on. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna go grab a steak tonight, but a speedy recovery is looking quite likely.

This afternoon I’m going to relax and eat some pudding. No point in pushing things and screwing it all up.

I’ve currently got my goatee in full effect since I didn’t want to aggravate the skin on my chin and cheeks. It feels a little weird when I look in the mirror and see that old look I had from college staring back, only now without glasses or contact lenses.

Gal told me Tuesday before I left that I’d probably be a “poster boy of recovery”. Here’s hoping that’s accurate. So far so good.

Behind the LJ cut you get to see my extracted teeth if you’d like. Not for the squeamish 🙂

Yummy stuff, eh? You know you’re a livejournal nerd when you post scans of extracted teeth. Oh well… it keeps things interesting. Consider it an ad for why you should have good dental hygiene and get wisom teeth extracted if they’re bothering you.

Mister Sideways you saw on my x-rays is there on the bottom right. You can see how the angle it was at made it impossible to keep clean, thus creating an ultra-ugly cavity that was slowly splitting the tooth. The top left is quite the monster with big jutting roots of evil.

All done now, thankfully.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and well wishes during all of this. It’s greatly appreciated.

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