Tooth update:

Dental surgery is tomorrow early afternoon. All four teeth to be extracted. I’ll be totally knocked out for the full procedure. I’ve been desperately trying to get as much work front loaded this week so people will know what needs to be done while I’m out of commission and recovering. It’s sort of working, but I know things will still go insane anyways.

Everyone I’ve talked to about the tooth stuff has wildly different stories. They’re all either people who recovered in a day and were eating fried chicken within two days or were in absolute agony for 5+ days. There’s no happy medium.

I’m a terrible patient, just awful. When I get sick I’m surly and needy, clingy and emotional. I’m a huge suck. I hate being “taken out” of the Game of Life and being laid up in bed feels like that to me. There’s too much to be done and my groggy antibiotic and painkiller inundated body doesn’t feel up to the task.

Wish me luck.

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