Post-Post-Dragon Con

Oh shit! Where did the last two weeks go?

Oh yeah… I got back from Dragon Con in Atlanta and came down with ‘Post-Con Body Says “I Give Up” Sickey-Sick’ and then rolled right into a crapload of work and a new semester starting at Seneca. Madness… all madness. Now I’m healthier and completely sleep deprived, the perfect mode for rambling on my livejournal.

Please enjoy the following con photos while I discuss things completely unrelated to them. The disconnect from the photos to the text will mirror my surreal self right now well.

Sweet! Exalted characters at the con! An Abyssal and Solar back-to-back.

Let’s see… Exalted #1 heads off to the printers soon. Holy crap how did the time fly so fast? The cover for issue #4 is currently getting done for solicitation, the script for #3 is done, pages for #2 are rolling in and #1 is in final color and edits… so insane. I’ll have some sneak peeks at the Cary Nord back up story and kick ass pages from Noi soon to build more hype up for the first issue release. Look forward to it.

Predator Darth Maul – It’s like geeks with a blender.
When the Predator alone is NOT cool enough!

I bought a new computer as a gift to myself for finishing the Con Circuit Challenge. This machine is ridiculous… killer processor and 2 gigs of RAM makes me a very happy boy. This puppy is crunching huge files quite well and I have enough hard drive space to keep gobs of work files actually organized no matter how bloated they seem to get.


After getting ultra-sick I went on a mad cleaning spree to get the germs and dust out of my place. I don’t think the apartment has been this clean since moving in. It can’t possibly last but it feels good at the moment. Dusted, mopped, vacuumed…. the whole sheebang. You know it’s bad when I have to write about a proud cleaning moment like this 🙂


Brian sent the art order for Exalted 2nd edition today. My eyes are still bleeding from it. This book is going to have so much artwork it’s insane. What are those people thinking? There is no shortage of art to be done… there never is, but this is just out to lunch. I hope you fans are happy because the art and production teams are gonna be dyin’ for all of you. This book is an earthquake of RPG. You are not prepared.

No, you think you are… but you’re not.

Best product I saw at the cons.
A book about other books ABOUT chess!

What else?
Good comics I’ve recently read – We3 (thanks Chris!), Conan, Powers and Ultimates.
Why can’t Serenity the movie open now? Like now now…

BEST photo – Surly Mega Man!

Just imagine a groggy Zub looking like Mega Man up there when I’m tired or giddy like a schoolgirl when I get my third, fourth and fifth wind of the day.

Okay, more updates soon. I promise.

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