Canadian National Comic Expo

The Canadian National Expo came and went in a flash, wedged between Gen Con and next week’s Dragon Con. Erik and I can take the Toronto show for granted since it’s our home town gig, but now we know better. The Expo kicked ass! Even Friday evening, traditionally the slow day of the show, was bustling with customers and fans.

There was lots of people, tons of business and great feedback on Exalted and Udon as a whole. Good people, friends, hanging out and lots of chatter. With all the work stress and traveling, it was great to have the con experience but still be able to sleep in my own bed at night.

Of course, the CN Tower.

Inside the crowd was on the move.

The Udon Booth.

Saturday Party – Greg Boychuk and Eric Kim.

Meeting more Firefly cast members.
This time it’s Adam Baldwin

Crazy costumes:

Noi draws for fans:

Good stuff! Thanks to everyone who came by to say hello and picked up our books! I leave for Atlanta tomorrow, early-early… too much to do before then.

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