Zub and Edwin at NYCC

New York City Comicon was a complete success! Image brought 250 copies of our first issue to the show and we sold out of them all. It was awesome.

The response from fans, retailers and attendees at the show was incredibly positive. We’re pumped about issue #2 and the future of the series.

Beyond that, the show was insanely busy. Attendance was way up and the hall felt like it was bursting at the seams, especially on Saturday.

Seeing friends, meetings, panels, New York hustle and bustle. It was intense. The schedule I lined up and crowds everywhere made it tough to take many photos of the show, but I have posted some up on Facebook.

From here on the next couple weeks are focused on the wedding, with a side of wedding and some wedding on top. Stacy’s been incredible and patient with all this comic stuff but now it’s all about our upcoming special day and everything it represents.

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