PAX East Sketches

Last weekend in Boston I attended the PAX East show as part of the UDON booth. As usual, PAX was well organized and crammed with happy gamers.

At the last PAX Prime in September I mentioned that I drew up around 30 sketches for Mega Man fans who came to our booth. This time I blew that number out of the water; I drew just over 60 sketches! Getting into a solid drawing groove and rocking them out felt great and it was a nice challenge drawing some of the Mega Man cast I’d never tackled before.

When the weekend wrapped up Omar shook my hand and told me he was proud of me. He’s one of the hardest working and most skilled artists I know, so getting that kind of artistic encouragement from him for a job well done meant a lot to me.

Click on the Roll pic below to head to my DA gallery and check out some of the sketches from the weekend. There were quite a few repeats of certain popular characters so I didn’t post them all up, but the ones there give a good overview. Each one took about 15 minutes and was done in marker over a lightly sketched pencil rough.

Click here for more head sketches

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