NYCC Was Great

New York Comicon 2012 was a chaotic and exciting show – a satisfying finish to this year’s whirlwind convention season.

It also felt like a level-up moment. Edwin and I had a lot of great interactions with fans of Skullkickers. The good word of mouth and intense promotion we’ve been putting into it seems to be paying off, bit by bit. Having 3 trade paperbacks and a spiffy 1+2 combined hardcover works well, giving people enough material to start digging in to the series without feeling left behind.

Thank you to everyone who came by to visit, longtime readers and new readers alike. Thank you to my friends and colleagues at Bandai-Namco, Image Comics and UDON for helping make the show so successful and enjoyable.

Before the year wraps up I’ve got at least one more comic project announcement. I was hoping it would be unveiled in New York, but am okay with holding out a bit longer as momentum slowly builds.

I’m intensely excited for 2013.

(Photo from the Danger Booth at the Image Comics/Multiversity Party on Friday Night)
  1. I’m glad the show went well. I wish I could have gone.

    When are you going to make this announcement? I’m so curious.

    • The announcement timing isn’t up to me, so I don’t know know exactly when it’ll happen. Once it’s announced, you’ll understand why.

  2. It was a great show and I have to say that attending the panel you guys did on Friday night and getting your critique of Jesus E. Lee were both highlights for me. I know what you mean about “leveling up”! Hopefully next year I’ll be able to add my first level of the Professional Comic Writer prestige class.

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