New York Wind Down

Typing this quickly from Erik’s brother’s hotel room. In a weird state of synchronicity Erik’s bro is here in New York for a series of business meetings so we were able to use his room as an HQ after we checked out of our hotel this morning.

Busy times. My back is spasming pretty bad after some serious exertion over the weekend. New York was good, bad and ugly – the whole spectrum. Not enough time right now to cover it all but I will try in my next post from home. Apparently I also have a new nickname – very odd.

Our flight is delayed and I won’t be in until late tonight. Tomorrow I have to bounce right into high school tours at the school. Then my actual March Break from Seneca begins… though it’s currently looking like that will be “extended” of a sorts due to the impending teacher strike. Most of the other instructors are wigged out by this. I’m frustrated that it will play havoc with the semester schedule, but okay with a break from work if it ends up happening that way.

Drained and sore, inside and out.

Text and photos later on.

Take care all,


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