NaNoWriMo For Comics?

November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where many writers kick their creativity into gear and try to write a novel in 30 days.

If you’re a comic writer who wants to join in, since word count doesn’t apply the same way for comics, I recommend a page scripting goal:

90 pages (3 per day) is a mini-series.
120 pages (4 per day) is a graphic novel.

Comic scripting isn’t as codified as a screenplay, but if you want some tips on how comic writing is different from other mediums and a script format I find works well, you can check out these posts here on my site:

Comic Writing Part 1 – Brainstorming
Comic Writing Part 2 – Pacing
Comic Writing Part 3 – Page Planning
Comic Writing Part 4 – Scripting
Comic Writing Part 5 – Dialogue
Comic Writing Part 6 – Action

Having a schedule and clear goal can be a helpful way to get motivated and do that thing you’ve wanted to for some time. It’s a bit of pressure, but the kind you choose to take on to push yourself into a new creative space. Build your skills and grow.

Even if you don’t meet the overall page count, it could help you build momentum and put ideas down that you’ve had floating around for a while.

Personal creative projects can be tough to prioritize in our busy lives. This is a way to build in a schedule and make things happen.
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  1. There used to be a Write a Screenplay in a Month challenge called Script Frenzy. It took place in April. The organization went under, but I adored it! The challenge was to write a 100 page script during the month of April, and it could be ANY kind of screenplay. On screen, on stage, or on page for a graphic novel.

  2. I just saw this right now. It’s three days. I can still catch up.

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