Munchkin #1 Reviews

Munchkin #1 arrived in comic shops last week. I’m writing 6 page back-up stories in each issue and it’s been a ton of fun digging in to the wacky lore of John Kovalic’s hit card game. Let’s see what critics thought of the first issue…


Big Comic Page: 4/5 “…the story perfectly captures the back-stabbing, ‘treasure-at-all-costs’ ethos of the Munchkin card game.”

Bleeding Cool: “It’s the perfect combination of twisted humor and fantastically designed characters. Don’t miss out on picking up your copy today!”

The Beat: “Jim Zub writes a great six page story dealing with one of the game’s most prominent themes, betrayal.”

Cosmic Comics: “Munchkin #1 is a worthy introduction to the tabletop series for anyone who’s ever been curious about the game”

Fellowship of the Geeks: “This book does a really nice job of showing some of the humorous possibilities in the game. Both the writing and the art are top-notch.”

Geek Dad: “This is a full-on what-would-it-be-like story in the Munchkin world, with its associated lack of logic and any desire to care about things beyond precious loot.”

Geeked Out Nation: “Munchkin #1 is the fantasy fiction comic equivalent of a half hour sketch comedy show.”

Major Spoilers: 4/5 “… the book was a joy to read, the art was fantastic.. A good first outing from BOOM! Studios and Steve Jackson Games, and I look forward seeing what happens in issue #2.”

Omnicomic: “Munchkin #1 is a humorous book that capitalizes on what makes Munchkin so enjoyable to begin with”

The Read Pile: “Pick of the Week. This book is hilarious! If you’re a Munchkin fan you have to get this.”

Therefore I Geek: 5/5 “I’ve got a new card for the game and I’ve had some really great laughs, which is all I could have asked for.”

TM Stash: 9/10 “The stories are fanciful and carry out the spirit of game play, in a game where the players are quick to turn on each other. A truly fun and entertaining book!”

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