Comic Book Informer: Samurai Jack, Wayward, and More


I was interviewed by Vince and Roger of the Comic Book Informer podcast for their 200th episode. We talk all about current comics I’m working on, including wrapping up Samurai Jack with issue #20. Here’s a quick run down of major topics covered with timestamps for easy navigation:

0:05:40 Interview start – Wayward
0:18:03 Rori’s cutting and depression
0:24:29 Zack’s essays in Wayward
0:36:15 Influences and Japanese culture
0:46:25 Samurai Jack
1:09:17 Andy Suriano working on Jack
1:11:51 Ending Skullkickers
1:17:00 Other projects – Munchkin, Ultimate Spider-Man, Amanda Waller
1:26:50 The #fourcomics hashtag
1:47:32 Wrap-Up

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