Oh man…. I am really glad it’s Reading Week at Seneca. Not having to teach is going to make my week almost sane.

The stuff is moved into the new place. Now comes the massive reorganizing, searching for things, making room, throwing out, adjusting and ripping your hair out that comes with settling into new digs. Without exaggerating, we’re currently moving around boxes more than hip deep over almost the entire apartment. The kitchen and bathroom are almost organized… that’s about it. The rest of the place looks like a shantytown of boxes and stuff stacked precariously at all angles. The phone is hooked up and the internet is finally working, but other than the little pocket around the computer I’ve carved out, it’s like traversing the trenches of some kind of war zone.

All things willing, I may have a cool surprise later this week. In the meantime, I’m heading back into battle against my arch-nemesis: Box-Mo.

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