Life of Wolverine Launches on Marvel Unlimited!

LIFE OF WOLVERINE, a special 10-part digital comic series, just launched on Marvel Unlimited!

story – Jim Zub
line art – Ramon Bachs
colors – Javier Tartaglia
letters – Joe Sabino
editorial – Mark Basso, Andrew Baumgartner

Finally I can talk about this project!

Editor Mark Basso asked if I was up for a challenge – Threading together dozens of Wolverine stories in historical order to act as a proper timeline and introduction for readers (especially fans who are diving into the X Lives/X Deaths of Wolverine mini-series coming out).

For the past few months I’ve been reading literally hundreds of Wolverine comics for research. It’s been intense.

Life of Wolverine involves Jean Grey doing a deep dive into Logan’s mind (for reasons that will be more clear in X Lives of Wolverine). She experiences his past and is able to contextualize it with things we know now to see larger patterns around what he’s been through.

If you’re a current Marvel Unlimited subscriber, dive right in! If not, click here and sample it for free to see what you think. There are tens of thousands of old and new comics to discover and read on Marvel Unlimited.

  1. Hi Jim
    My name is Tom McGarry, I am an artist in Chicago.
    My background is fine art, modern immpressionistic- realism mostly.
    Just discovered this website. Fantastic.
    I am about to take the plunge into making a comic and the information here is beyond helpful. It is by far the best, and most factual, resource I have found so far. I’ve been doing research for a couple months now.
    Great to see you are working on Wolverine, he was my favorite back in the day. John Byrne – Chris Claremont day.
    I would like to ask you a couple questions about going to conventions.
    Talk is cheap but time is not, I know you must be busy so I will make some kind of a donation for your time.
    I would like to send you an email.
    Would you be willing to send me the best one to contact you on?
    Just give me a suggestion about donations/rates, it’s only fair.
    Thank you for your generous sharing of hard earned knowledge.
    All the best
    Tom McGarry.

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