Life Drawing – Week 4

Stressed with work and still trying to get my sleep patterns back under control since the fire alarm night earlier this week, I dashed out the door early this morning so I could make sure that I got to school in time for life drawing. Even if it’s less than an hour, at least I’m pushing my skills along and analyzing my understanding of the figure.

When I arrived and finally got set up to draw, I had a great moment. Instead of life drawing being a stressful hassle, it was the calm in my day. I pushed away all the problems, schedules, fears and emotions and just drew. For about 45 minutes everything else took a backseat while I concentrated on gesture, anatomy and form. It felt good and even though the session was short I think the best pieces of the day reflect an improvement in my work. A month back into it and I can see changes in the way I’m thinking and drawing. Cool.

The people in my life, the projects I manage and the students I work with are very important to me. But if I let them completely invade my ability to improve my art and be creative then I’ll have lost something very valuable to me. Balance is the key and I’m doing my best to find that.

I’ll post up more RPG-centric artwork tomorrow if I can.

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