Cultist Pic

More confident line art with increased senstivity. Better posing. Strong understanding of light and dark that creates a mood and good composition. Yup, I want to keep doing pieces like this. I want to reach the next plateau in my work and stay there.

My latest Exalted artwork (for Book of Bone & Ebony and Autocthonians) also reflects what I want from my artwork. I’m currently up to my eyeballs in Dungeon Magazine artwork (in a good way, though it is intimidating) and I’ll post some of that as soon as I can.

Erik even complimented me on my artwork, something which he’s almost never done. Gal and I think he keeps any praise under wraps because he worries about losing me as an effective manager if I take on too many art projects. Even still, he’s been vocal about being impressed with the new stuff I’m doing and that means a lot coming from him.

Cultist Assassin done for the Secret of Zir’An.

I was given free passes to go see Constantine on Thursday. I wasn’t intending to check it out originally, but free is up my alley so we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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