It’s Been Quite a Journey…


Yesterday saw the arrival of Figment 2 #5, the final part of the Legacy of Imagination mini-series, wrapping up my story of Dreamfinder, Figment, and their new friends.

When Bill Rosemann first contacted me back in December 2013 to see if I’d be interested in brainstorming material for a possible comic based on Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination attraction, I had no way of knowing how enjoyable a ride we were about to embark upon. Working with the Disney Imagineering team, collaborating with amazing artists Filipe Andrade, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, John Tyler Christopher, and Ramon Bachs to build a new mythology for Disney World’s gleeful adventure-seeking mascot…It’s been a blast.

Between the two mini-series we utilized almost all the story material I brainstormed for my initial pitch to Bill. Having both stories be so well received by Disney fans, the Imagineers, and the original creators and actors of the attraction has been incredible.

Thank you to Bill Rosemann, David Gabriel, Mark Basso, and Emily Shaw at Marvel and Brian Crosby, Tom Morris, and Josh Shipley at Disney for their support and guidance.

Putting together a whimsical adventure story like Figment that can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike pushed me as a writer more than I expected. Underneath my pragmatic and cynical defenses I found my own well of creative inspiration. I won’t soon forget that.

There aren’t any current plans for more Figment comics, but the hardcover collection of the second series arrives in March. I’m hoping continued interest in the story from Disney and the Disney World fan base will keep both books in print for many years to come. Thank you for supporting the series so enthusiastically and sharing it with your loved ones.

  1. I just finished reading the final issues of Figment 2 over the weekend and was sad to turn the last page.

    It felt as though the story was left a bit open-ended, with Dreamfinder and Figment heading off to discover… who know what! Even though there aren’t currently any plans for another installment (personally, I’d love an ongoing series), I hope the idea hasn’t been permanently shelved.

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