In Ottawa

In Ottawa now… getting to the plane was pretty hairy stuff. I was originally told that my flight was leaving mid-afternoon. I casually looked at my itinerary and I could’ve sworn that it said my flight was headed out at 2:30pm. So I spent yesterday morning doing some work, packing and hitting the post office to ship off packages and contracts.

Then just after noon I double checked my itinerary: Flight leaves at 1:15pm and ARRIVES in Ottawa at 2:30… oh, shit! I slammed my luggage closed, dashed out the door and probably broke the law driving to the airport. Dropping off my car at the long term parking, I sprinted into the Terminal with my heart pounding until it felt like it would explode and my back screaming at me to slow down.

But I made the flight.

All I wanted last night was to chill out. Thankfully that’s exactly what happened. A patio, a couple pints and some good company. The hotel seems pretty good and ideally I’ll have some time to explore a bit of the city. There’s a bunch of things to juggle, but I think it’ll be okay. Even this morning after JoAnn and I set up the booth, I sat and drilled out a couple quality drawings already, so that’s a good start. After learning to ignore distractions while life drawing at the Zoo in Calgary a few years ago, I’m getting pretty good at just drawing where ever I need to.

Anyways, that’s the update. This afternoon I’m hoping to take some nice photos of the area, do some more drawing and have a nice dinner. As long as I can do those three things, I’ll be pleased.

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