G,B + U

The Good: The college asked me to go to Ottawa this weekend for the Animation Festival to respresent the school, on their dime.

The Bad: They booked the airfare and hotel for me before clarifying that I was actually able to juggle going with the crazy amount of work Udon has crushing down on us… and the flight leaves tomorrow afternoon.

The Ugly: The breakneck pace of the next 24 hours making sure everyone knows what needs to be done while I’m gone while my boss Erik moves his house at the same time.

PS: DAMONK and MEGS (or anyone who knows them and can poke them to see this)! E-mail me at jimzub(at symbol)gmail.com to let me know your new contact info and phone number-age so we can hook up while I’m in Ottawa!


The Good 2: I busted out some artwork for a client and it’s some of the best stuff I’ve ever done. Good confidence booster and reminds me that I can put out some good stuff when I push. I wish I could show everyone but it’s under wraps for now.

The Bad 2: The client likes it and wants more.

The Ugly: Me, after I get all this stuff done.

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