I’m Writing the New Thunderbolts For Marvel!


The announcement just went out today so it’s official: I’m writing a new THUNDERBOLTS monthly series for Marvel Comics! Working with the Avengers editorial team and artist Jon Malin to bring this team back into the spotlight is going to be a blast.

The Thunderbolts have been around in a few different configurations since 1997, but if you’ve never read their adventures I’ll give you a quick overview: They’re a team of heroes who haven’t always been heroic. Many of them are actually villains in search of redemption and the tough choices they make will define their heroic or villainous legacy.

The new team, lead by the Winter Soldier, will be emerging out of an Avengers-centric event starting in April called Standoff. Reading Standoff will be a sweet introduction to the new Thunderbolts, but I’m also aiming to make the first issue of Thunderbolts very new reader friendly so you can get on board without needing an encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel Universe. If you’ve been a longtime Marvel reader, you’ll find lots to enjoy here. If you only know the Winter Soldier from the Captain America movie, this will still be easy to dig into.

I can’t go into any more detail beyond the above right now, but expect more details soon.

As always, thanks for the enthusiasm and support!

  1. Mr. Zub, you’ve never disappointed with anything you’ve done. I started back into comics with Skullkickers, loved Conan/Red Sonja, and am currently loving Wayward. Budget permitting, I’d love to pick this up too!

  2. Chris Goodnight

    Who is the rest of the team

    • Looks like some version of Atlas, Moonstone, Mach 4, and the Fixer. Interesting because minus Zemo and Songbird those are the founding members of the original T-bolts. That other character floating and kind of blueish gray is unknown to me.

  3. Very cool! I look forward to this! 🙂

  4. I still remember when I was 8 or 9 and I read an article about the Thunderbolts in an old issue of Wizard. The big reveal hadn’t happened yet. They were just about to debut in an issue of the Incredible Hulk. I remember thinking that Mach 1 looked cool and that I wanted to read about these replacement Avengers. Such a great book. Happy to hear it will be back on the shelves. Even happier that someone as talented as Mr. Zub is writing it.

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