I’m the New Writer on Uncanny Avengers!

Starting in June, I’ll be taking over as writer for one of the illustrious monthly Avengers titles at Marvel – The Uncanny Avengers!

The Uncanny Avengers were formed by Steve Rogers to acts as a ‘Unity Squad’, a group of disparate heroes from different parts of the Marvel Universe brought together to show that there could be peace and cooperation between humans, mutants, and inhumans. Even after they were officially disbanded, the Unity Squad has stuck together and supported each other through thick and thin.

Gerry Dugan has been the writer for the past couple years and he’s done a wonderful job building a really engaging group of heroes. He’s moving on to write Guardians of the Galaxy while I pick up where he left off with the Avengers. It’s a fun book filled with a nice mix of legacy and new characters from across Marvel’s many titles. I can’t go into too many details about future additions to the cast, but the first cover shows five of our heroes, so I’ll detail them here.

ROGUE: A long time ago Anna Marie was a villain, but then she was taken in by Charles Xavier and the X-Men and found a better path. Ever since she’s worked hard to better herself, turning the brash confidence that was her emotional shield into reality as a powerhouse hero. Rogue is acting as the unofficial leader of the group now that Captain America has been revealed as an agent of Hydra.

WASP: Janet Van Dyne is one of the original Avengers, a capable hero with a keen mind and killer fashion sense. Even after years of success, villains still manage to under estimate her shrinking and flying powers.

HUMAN TORCH: A founding member of the now-disbanded Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm has matured from the ‘hothead’ he used to be into a courageous and caring hero. After his family vanished he was looking for a home and he’s found it here with the Avengers.

DOCTOR VOODOO: Jericho Drumm is a Houngan priest of Voodoo magic and powerful mystic who once held the position of Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange’s absence. His troubled past continues to haunt him, but he pushes forward, focused in his beliefs and desire to do good in the world.

SYNAPSE: Emily Guerrero is the newest and youngest member of the group. A New Yorker who discovered she had Inhuman ancestry when the Terrigan mists activated her latent abilities, she’s still working to find her place, both as a hero and an Avenger.

Getting the chance to write a monthly Avengers title is a dream come true. Uncanny Avengers #24, arriving in June, is my first issue and I can’t wait for readers to see what we have planned. Many thanks to the readers who have told Marvel how much they enjoy my work and Avengers editors Tom Brevoort and Alanna Smith for their continued support.

  1. Looking forward to it, hopefully Pietro didn’t get killed in the ending of Red Skull storyline. The good thing about additions, there are a ton on old Avengers and X-Men to choose. Namor,Storm, Beast, Hellcat, Espirita, Human Torch aka Jim Hammond, could have interesting S.H.I.E.L.D. connection, Blur as Avenger in Training.

    Best of Luck.


  2. This might bring me back to Marvel. Nice. 😀

  3. This is so cool! I dropped Uncanny Avengers after Remember’s run ended, but I’ll be back for yours for sure!

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