Groggy Jimmy

Incredibly tired… Gala worked to close last night and is doing so again tonight, which means two nights in a row that I’ll be up until the wee hours. It wouldn’t be so bad except that Sunday morning we drove out early to the airport to meet up with Brian Glass for breakfast while he was on a stop over on his way to Montreal. Tomorrow morning will be another early riser getting Gal off to school. It’s running me down and I’m trying not to nod off before she calls me to pick her up. I’d rather fall to sleep exhausted than fall asleep and be woken up brutally by the phone ringing.


Holy crap, she just called… damn good timing, cause I’m ready for bed.

I was going to tell everyone about budget thoughts, my laser eye surgery appointment and random other stuff.

I guess it’ll have to wait. It’s “pick up the girl from work and get some damn sleep” time!

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