Jumble of things happening:

Double checked my junk mail before I deleted it and saw a message from an old friend I haven’t talked to in quite a while. It must’ve been accidentally filtered out by my settings… fixed that, then cracked open the message to read it and my brain spun.

She’s got breast cancer; two weeks ago they performed a mastectomy and removed her right breast. Next comes chemo and all the pain/ordeal that goes along with the recovery process. We were close, she was my girlfriend for a while… everything changes. Life sideswipes you and there’s surprises at every turn. It’s a mass e-mail to let people know what’s going on with her… her phone number is in there and I don’t know if I should call. What do you even say after something like that? I’ve gotta bite my lip and make the call… make sure she knows I got the message since it was sent over a week ago.

Unpacking things at the new place bit-by-bit while juggling work elements and trying to catch up on sleep at the same time. Smashed my index finger tip while building a new computer desk for Gal. Hurt like Hell for a bit and bled a bunch, but now it’s just annoying as I try to type with it.

Reached a good spot with Gala in the relationship. Financially, things have been good, but our budgeting and balancing of finances was weird… it was creating some strife between us and I came to the realization that we’re in this together and need to work together more, even in the tough financial area.

Which is why I’m cutting down on some of the frivolous spending. I hadn’t been spending like an idiot, but there were definitely moments where I’d buy things “just because” or be more impulsive than I should. I also won’t be doing the laser eye surgery at this point. I had my eyes checked and was ready to sign-up for the procedure… but even though we could afford it, it’s not a good use of our finances to fuel my vanity until we build up more first. If I’m gonna blow a few thousand on my eyes, there should probably be a vacation or something lined up for the Gal-ster in balance 🙂

Hoping I can get my convention plans solidified this week/next week. Hoping I can meet my art deadlines that are coming up now that I’m more settled in.

Gotta make that call today, check in and let someone know I’m thinking about them.

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