Gen Con Writer’s Symposium: Comic Writing Track


I’m proud to announce that I’ll be a part of the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium, a series of panels and discussions about writing craft and the creative business, as part of a new Comic Writing Track along with Bill Willingham (Fables), Chris Roberson (iZombie), Gene Ha (Top Ten), and Daryl Gregory (Legenderry).

If you’re attending Gen Con and are interested in learning about comic writing, I highly recommend you look at taking some of the great programming they’re putting together. Events are now open for registration and most of them are free as long as you have a Gen Con badge. Check it out.

Here’s a rundown of panels I’ll be on:

SEM1578866 Writing Comics: It’s a Lot Like a Marriage – Authors & Artists Thurs 1:00 PM 1 hr $0
SEM1578867 Writing Comics: Writing Women Friendly Comics Thurs 2:00 PM 1 hr $0
SEM1578875 Writing Comics: Web Comics VS Digital Comics VS Paper Comics Fri 1:00 PM 1 hr $0
SEM1578877 Writing Comics: When Only Batman Will Do Fri 3:00 PM 1 hr $0
SEM1578883 Writing Comics: Serial Killers—Writing Serialized Stories Sat 1:00 PM 1 hr $0
SEM1578885 Writing Comics: Write Until it Hurts Sat 3:00 PM 1 hr $0

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