Gamers Across The Hall

It’s kind of amusing. The people living in the apartment across the hall have a role-playing game running almost every Sunday. Gal and I have heard them chatting and heard bits of game speak. Without actually putting my ear right on their door I can’t tell what system they’re playing. I think it’s something modern, but I haven’t heard any terminology from WhiteWolf books or anything… so maybe d20 Modern?

Part of me thinks I should knock and introduce myself as a fellow gamer. Most of me thinks that’s just embarrassing and weird. Mind you, standing in the hallway straining to hear dice rolling and corny dialogue and being entertained by it is pretty weird too.

If I knew what system they were using I’d probably slip them a free book or something, but that could come off as creepy if they received this mysterious package from nowhere.

Heh. I know there’s all sorts of gamers out there but having them across the hall is amusing to me for some reason.

Hold on, I’m gonna eavesdrop again and see if I hear even what kind of dice they’re using or anything:

*heads to the hallway to listen again*

Holy shit, they are playing White Wolf stuff… I just heard the Storyteller ask for a “Manipulation + Socialize” roll. This is so weird…

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