Gamers Across The Hall – Part 2

Following up on yesterday’s post

Okay, I was taking out the recycleables later in the day… I wasn’t even trying to eavesdrop and I heard one of the players raise his voice because his ‘anima banner is flaring’

Holy shit, they ARE playing Exalted! I couldn’t believe it! So…

I knocked on their door and chatted with them. Two gamer guys in their early thirties. One of them had noticed Warhammer 40K boxes amongst my stuff when I was moving in but they didn’t know if they should knock on my door either so had just let it go. Heh. They’re big Exalted fans, but not freaky gamer types or anything. They invited me to game with them some time and I told them my schedule is pretty batshit lately.

Once I got a decent feel for the fact that they weren’t going to be stereotypical scary gamers I let them know what I do. They were really surprised, but also quite cool about it too. Once the current slate of projects die down we may try a night of board games or card games to break the ice and enjoy a few beers.

They both had extensive Exalted collections, which was neat. One of them was missing Savant & Sorcerer so I gave him an extra comp copy I had here. He was really grateful.

All in all, it went well. I know it sounded silly being nervous about it, but I’m glad took the plunge and chatted with them. Getting their unbiased opinions about Exalted before they found out what I do for a living was quite informative.

Heh, gaming neighbours. I like my building.

Anyways, thought you guys and gals might want to know how it turned out.

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