Farewell To Figment


Today sees the release of FIGMENT #5, the final issue of our mini-series. From last December when Bill Rosemann first approached me about writing the story through to now, it’s hard to believe how quickly it all went.

I’m really proud of the work our team put together and I’m so happy that fans of Journey Into Imagination have enjoyed it so much.

Here’s the little note I wrote in the back of the issue for our readers:

I know it’s a groan-worthy cliché, but I can’t help it – Working on Figment has been a dream come true!

Right from the start – from concept, through development, and then into art production and lettering – everyone on the team clicked. All of us gathered momentum and enthusiasm as the project built up steam. I think that creative ‘spark’ really shows on the final printed page, each one lovingly rendered by Filipe and Jean-Francois.

Expanding the legacy of Dreamfinder and Figment has been a magical experience all around. I know how much these characters mean to fans of Disneyworld and I’m delighted that you’ve welcomed this new story into your hearts.

To the creative team, the Marvel crew, the Disney Imagineers, and our loyal readers – Thank you for letting me add a bit of steam-powered joy to the Magic Kingdom.

-Jim Zub

  1. Will there be a Figment in hardcover like there was Seakers?

  2. Finally got around to finishing the series today. Absolutely fantastic! I could feel myself tearing up on the last few pages. Thanks so much Jim!

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