Empyre: Avengers #1 Reviews

Adventures in Poor Taste: 8/10 “The strength of this book is how it uses characters who don’t usually get a lot of page time. It’s a breath of fresh air, since it allows for more exciting interactions we don’t usually see.”

Bleeding Cool: “The art is the most interesting of the Empyre books I’ve read so far. Artist Carlos Magno and colorist Espen Grundetjern create a hyper-realistic vision of the Marvel Universe together with a slight painterly touch.”

But Why Tho: “The art of Empyre: The Avengers #1 does a great job capturing its moments. Magno uses some great choices of perspective to give what could’ve been a standard mission briefing some extra life. That, coupled with his ability to put the reader right in the middle of the action, creates an all-around excellent illustrative performance.”

Candid Clark: 8/10 “…an action-packed comic filled with great moments from the Avengers that will likely not appear in the main event title. It was nice seeing lesser known heroes, like Doctor Voodoo, the Black Knight and Wonder Man in action.”

Comic Corner: 8/10 “With some fan favorite characters and some surprise appearances, this has everything an Avengers fan wants.”

Comic Crusaders: 9.2/10 “Jim Zub could easily make this crossover book into filler, but instead adds enough character moments to keep the issue interesting and make it vital to the larger story.”

ComicBook.com: 8/10 “…it’s refreshing to see some of the lesser-known characters have their time to shine before we hop right to calling in the core Avengers team.”

Danger Mart: 9/10 “Magno’s layouts carry the eye across the page and he fills the panels with good looking active, good guys and bad guys.”

Embrace Your Geekness: “The deep roster of characters allow this book to focus in on other Avengers besides just Cap and Iron Man.”

Fortress of Solitude: 8.5/10 “A great front line set issue as the Cotati war erupts all over Earth…I can’t wait for the second part of this three part story.”

Tsunami Studios: “I think [Zub] really understands what this book is and what it’s supposed to be, because holy cow is this issue fun. I loved every second of it.”

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