Dracula the Unconquered

There are people in the comic industry who, the minute I read their work, I kind of know that we’re going to get along. The stories they tell hit all the right notes and I get an unshakable feeling that we have the same outlook and attitude. It’s such a cool thing and it’s a bit hard to describe.

Chris Sims is one of those people.

His unbelievably funny Invincible Super Blog became a regular fixture on my internet reading list early on. The mixture of infectious energy, keen insight and pure glee at all the ludicrous things that make comics what they are permeated every aspect of his writing.

When he started writing his own comics, I worried that he’d lose that razor’s edge of analysis, that he’d be so caught up in his own work that he wouldn’t give it the same kind of joyous verve. Thankfully, I was wrong. His comics are just as entertaining and well aimed as the industry-targeted gut punches he’s given over the years.

Dracula the Unconquered is his latest offering, an ambitious digitally distributed 1 dollar per issue action-adventure comic series. Chris has leveled solid criticism at the major comic publishers for their digital pricing structure and this is where he puts his money where his mouth is. The result is, as expected, professional through and through.

The story kicks into gear without delay, introducing Dracula and his new ‘assistant’ quite efficiently. You know who Vlad is and if you don’t then you’re probably not buying a comic called Dracula the Unconquered. The action’s the thing, you see, and within a couple pages confrontation is clear and the whole thing is off and running. The players are in place and it’s time to kick some butt.

Steve Downer’s artwork is emotive and clear with solid storytelling and a wonderfully moody color palette. The whole things roars through without a hitch. By the time this first issue is finished the stage is set for grand adventure and, at $1, there’s absolutely no reason not to keep on reading. It’s a new reader-friendly product that’s easy to recommend at the absolute right price for the emerging digital comic market.

So, to summarize, Dracula the Unconquered is Chris Sims and company kicking down the door and showing how it should be done. Bring it to your digital screen ASAP and know that you’re helping unleash the next level of Sims-Awesome onto the worldwide web.

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